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Innovation has been always an essential part of RUD's business Strategy and vision. With more than unparalleled 140 years of experience in industry our products have one thing in common advance technology. Development of this technology is an efforts and suggestions of numerous R&D partnerships with research institutions, universities, suppliers and customers. This blog is an effort to share our Innovator DNA with all of you, please share your thoughts and valuable inputs...


Sidewall protection in dump trucks has always been a challenge. Due to the effects of wear, conventional tyre protection chain systems could not provide a solution to this problem.

What was needed was an effective low-cost solution that provides sidewall protection for equipment which move at speeds of more than 50 kph over long distances.

The inventor and world leader in tyre protection chains, the RUD GROUP, has a revolutionary innovation called SIDEFLEX, which solves this problem without requiring any components on the tread of the tyre.

The SIDEFLEX system is connected to the rim of the vehicle by a flexible attachment which is screwed on. For this reason, the rim must not be modified by welding or by any other means. A steel ring is fastened to this attachment, which runs parallel to the sidewall of the tyre.

The core of the system is the protective arms. These consist of a highly wear-resistant, lightweight plastic material having a memory effect. This means that it returns to its original shape if deformed or bent. The fan shape of the arms and the fact that the arms do not touch the tyre prevent it from heating and does not affect the stability. Should stones be caught between the arm and the tyre, the rotational force will automatically eject them from the system after a short driving distance.

With this structure, the SIDEFLEX system provides optimal side protection, especially in high-speed applications.


Innovators DNA

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