Difference between science and engineering is that scientists deal with the world that is, while Engineers envision the world that could be. Enjoy Engineering is our small effort to pay tribute to every Engineer, who is envolve in making this world a better place to live...


We Engineers and our practices have been encouraged for one paramount reason: Benefiting human kind in society. Our environment constantly interacting with us, and we extract and harvest all the necessary resources that we need to sustain human life and culture. As an Engineer our role is to design necessary infrastructure that are both efficient and safe to minimize the effect of damage on the surrounding ecosystems.

Enjoy Engineering is dedicated to those people who work of the environment and the people within it. We want to appreciate our fellow engineers around the globe; aims to benefit the people of the present by employing effective structures that are intended to improve living habits of earth's inhabitants and those who ensure the sufficient resources for the people of the future.

We have started this amazing journey to know Engineers and their passions. We sure we will connect with those unsung heroes, who giving all their life to build this world silently without questioning anything...

Thank You


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