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Tool Mover Description

- The Tool Mover is used for safely turning moulds by 90° without damaging them.
- The RUD ToolMover is manufactured according to the state of the art and recognised safety rules.
- The ToolMover is a mobile unit and can be transported from one operating site to another by means
of a forklift or crane.
- The ToolMover is usually deployed in factory buildings and may not be used outdoors.
- The normal operating temperatures are from 10°C to 30°C .
- RUD tool mover comes in capacities ranging from 3 tons to 32 tons.
- It can be used for following industries-
1. Manufacturers of plastic components for the automotive industry.
2. Manufacturers of electrical devices, household appliances
3. Manufacturers pipes, tubes and other tubular elements
4. Packaging industry
5. Stamping and punching industry
6. Die-cast aluminium industry
7. Tool making industry


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